Who is Christina Marie Garcia?

I am 23 years old born and raised in Houston, Texas. I am currently working on my Physical Therapy degree and will graduate a month before the BIG day laugh. I have two younger sisters: Monica and Claire; and my parents are Daniel and Angela Garcia. My favorite things to do include singing, dancing, reading, watching TV, shopping, visiting new places, doing arts & crafts, and sometimes cooking/baking (I like the eating and sharing part the most). People describe me as being very book smart, nerdy, and having a type A personality but no common sense. I have a very big heart and I love to make people laugh.




Craziest thing I've ever done: Sky diving

Favorite Place I've ever been: tie for Disney World and New York City

My ambition in life: to know I've made a lasting difference in people's lives



Who is Kevin Ray Ramirez?


I am 24 years old and was born and raised in Pasadena, Texas. I graduated from THE University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in 2011. I am currently a Staffing Manager for Robert Half International. I have a huge family! My parents are Ray and Kathy, who have been married for 25 years. My siblings are Kelly, Ryan, Katherine, Rachel, and Rebekah. My favorite things to do include working, watching sports, watching First Take (even if it's recorded), cooking/grilling, and going to the gym.


Craziest thing I've ever done: Parasailing in Mazatlan

Favorite Place I've ever been: Great Wall of China 

My ambition in life: witness one of the following in person: Cowboys winning the Super Bowl, Astros winning the World Series, or the Rockets winning the Finals


The making of our love story

The short version: We met through mutual friends. 

The long version: We went to two different high schools and met by chance through a prank phone call. Christina and her friends decided to call up some boys from the Saint Thomas band directory for some laughs, and Kevin's number happened to be called from Christina's cell phone without using *67. Kevin texted Christina's number back a few days later wondering who had prank called him. We began texting back and forth from there, getting to know each other. Christina was shy and wasn't ready to met Kevin in person for a while; so after 4 months, we met at Foley's in Bay Brook mall and it was head over heels at first sight!

Our first date was at the movies to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Kevin brought his friends Tyler and Aaron along, while Christina brought her friends Molly and Marina. We didn't talk or touch the entire night (chalk it up to nerveslaugh). Kevin asked Christina to be his girlfriend officially on June 23, 2005, after winning a house wrapping bet. From there, we have dated for over 7 years (our 8 year anniversary will be at  12:01 AM June 23, 2013). We went to seperate colleges, living in seperate cities for the majority of our relationship. Even while being apart, we have continued to grow together, influencing each other in all our life choices, making each other the people we are today. We adopted two cats, Tiger Lily (Lily) and Shere Khan, who we spoil and dote over as if they were our children. 

We continue to love each other as much, if not more than that night in July 2005; and I, Christina, still feel like I am head over heels for Kevin. 


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